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Good morning! I've been away for a few days, but I'm back to encourage you to be STRONG and COURAGEOUS! The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. wrote, "Courage faces fear and thereby masters it." What I'm saying here to you is, as I face any challenge that seems daunting, I first become centered in my Christ awareness.

Within me, I have the power of the Christ. I breathe into this power and gently refuse the belief that any challenge has the power to diminish my strength. I deny any feelings of weakness, and I boldly affirm the truth of my being: I AM STRONG AND COURAGEOUS!

In my Christ awareness, I find the confidence to face any challenging situation with courage. I have the wisdom to choose my THOUGHTS, WORDS, and ACTIONS from a foundation of STRENGTH!
Good God morning! Let me encourage you to "soar." *(Psalm 84:5) says, "Happy are those whose strength is in You." You see, I decided long ago that I had to put my faith in God, if I wanted my spirit to "soar." I found out right early that God within me is my spiritual strength, the very power behind the unfolding of my life, the force that lifts me up in spirit, mind, and body. I am called to reach out beyond the parameters that I have set for myself, aspiring to realize my divine potential.

I exercise my spiritual strength each time I do something new, whether it be starting a job, ministry activity, entering a business venture or even awakening to a new day. I may say a prayer before I begin, or my prayer may be the very act of beginning. Like the eagle, I am meant to "soar." I am meant to let go of fear and limitation, to apply the strengths and abilities God has given me. I place my faith in God and my spirit "soars" to new heights!
Good morning! Welcome to the weekend. As you embark upon your day, I want to admonish you to know that you cannot put your FAITH to work if fear is in your heart. You have to, first, get rid of your FEAR before you can operate on your FAITH. Beloved, FEAR is diametrically opposed to FAITH! I call FEAR "faith in reverse." Like your auto mobile, you can't drive FORWARD if it's in REVERSE. Get rid of your DOUBTS, then you'll have smooth sailing.

"BE NOT AFRAID NOR DISMAYED BY REASON OF THIS GREAT MULTITUDE," God said. He did not say that it was not a great multitude. It was! He said, "DON'T BE AFRAID BECAUSE IT'S NOT YOUR BATTLE."
Good morning! As this week has drawn to an end to allow the weekend, I'm reminded of God's powerful Words found in *(2nd Timothy 4:7), "I have finished my course. It's very critically important that we FINISH STRONG. The course God sets us is seldom easy. Running a race takes commitment. I've lived long enough on this earth to know men and women whose lives were sold-out to God a few years ago, but who've since walked off the track...gone AWOL...lost their longing for God. Fear of following in their footsteps haunts me...and it should you, too. The faithfulness of my walk with God depends on my willingness to stay in a close relationship with Him. I never want to lose the grip that His greatness has on my life and the privilege it is to...serve Him until the day I'm welcomed into His FULL-presence. That passion compels me! It keeps me HONEST and HUMBLE. The last thing I want to do is crawl across the finish line a defeated, derailed Christian, or worse----give up the race before my life is over. I want to break the tape with arms held high, my face to the sun! The apostle Paul said, "I have finished my course...Henceforth there is laid up for me a crown." Notice, COURAGE + ENDURANCE + FAITHFULNESS = REWARD.

A stone-cutter hammering away at his rock, perhaps 100 times without as much as a crack showing in it. Yet, at the 101st blow it will split in two, and I know it wasn't the last blow that did it, but all the blows that have gone before. Beloved, In *(Jeremiah 23:29), God's Word is "a hammer that breaks the rock in pieces." Let us be encouraged by *(Philippians 2:16), "So, [hold] fast the Word of life, so that in the Day Of Christ [you'll] have reason to glory because [you] did not run in vain."
Good morning! Let us embrace the BRAND NEW MERCIES that God has bestowed upon us for this beautiful day. When I think of loving God by yielding to him, I like to see the concept in terms of the word SURRENDER. *(Romans 6-8) depicts graphically the strength of the flesh as we struggle to yield to God. Yielding often requires a battle. Our passion and pride can be a very powerful force to yield to! We would often rather love ourselves than the Savior. But SURRENDER is the privileged response of our love. SURRENDER is our valentine to our Father, Savior, Redeemer, and Friend. May God mark your life with miracles, today!
(Part Three)

(2nd Timothy 1:7) ... "God has not given us a spirit of fear."

Well, good morning! Let's continue to spiritually-insulate ourselves from the spirit of fear. To overcome financial anxiety, you must:

Unless your name is Bill Gates, the chances are that you'll experience some degree of financial anxiety. But when fear becomes your FIXED state of mind, something's wrong, and it's time to unwrap the package. Fear can be hereditary, passed from generation to generation. And it can trap you in a vicious cycle that's hard to break. But you can break it! Gideon tore down the altar where his family had worshipped idols for generations----and they were angry with him when he did *(Judges 6:25-30). But Gideon knew that in order to win in life, he must TRUST in nobody but God!
(Part Four)

(2nd Timothy 1:7) ... "God has not given us a spirit of fear."

Have you made bad investments and now you're afraid to take as risk? Are you hoarding as a hedge against future failure? Here's the problem: nothing ventured, nothing gained! In baseball, the players who make the most home runs strike out more often than they score. But they know that unless they step up to the plate and swing the bat, they can't win. A barn filled with seed doesn't produce a harvest. Furthermore, when the farmer plants his seed, drought and frost and pests can wipe him out. Yet, if he doesn't plant, failure is guaranteed. Are you getting the idea?

As you get older you become more risk-averse, more inclined to look for a safe harbor. That's understandable, but you can't let fear control your life. In *(Psalm 23:6), David wrote, "Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life." When God's goodness is what you're believing for----God's goodness is what you'll "surely" get! Praise His Holy name!
Your comments, questions, and suggestions, concerning subjects based in the Word of God, are welcomed here on this site. So, feel free to step outside of the box in your mind and explore the very depths of your faith, knowledge, understanding, and wisdom that you've attained, thus far, in your Christian walk and glorious journey. Just go to GUESTBOOK and click-on to register here. Thank you and may God continue to bless your heart.

- Evangelist Jimmie Lee Dawson
*(Psalm 56:3) ... "When I am afraid, I will trust in You."

(Part One)

Good morning! The solution to financial worry isn't necessarily having more of it. Indeed, the more money that you have, the more that you have to lose. And the thought of losing it can cause you to worry more, not less. It's a vicious cycle. Trying to find security in money is like tying a boat to a dock; when a big enough storm comes along, the ropes will break and it'll be swept away. So since we ALL wonder when the next economic storm will hit, what's the answer? More rope? Stronger rope? Tighter knots? No --- that just gives you knots in your stomach! So, let's look at some biblical answers to money worries in (Part Two).

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