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"Grown Boys"

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"One of the most important questions a man can ever ask himself is this: 'WHERE AM I IN MY LIFE?' Us men get into trouble when we don't know where we are! So many men that I've encountered are in one stage of their lives and acting as if they are in another. They've entered into marriage and/or fatherhood*(some of them)*, and therefore, they have certain responsibilities, but they're still living as if they're GROWN BOYS playing in the park."


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"Excellence Liberates!"

"Admittedly, our flesh may rebel at the thought of limiting our lives to the EXCELLENT WAY. Why?...simply because it seems too restrictive! If we respond like that, however, we demonstrate that we have misunderstood true liberty. Our very own various cultural concept of liberty claims that freedom is being able to ... 'do what we want to do.' Yet, in reality, that leads to bondage. Those enslaved by substance abuse and those in the chains of guilt, all started by becoming 'free' to do what they wanted to do. Doing what we want to do is a prelude to the captivity of lust and obsessive habit patterns. But Jesus Christ's view of freedom is quite distinct! He teaches us that 'the truth will set you free' *(St. John 8:32). In Christ's terms, freedom begins with restriction!...restricting our lives to those things that are in the context of truth releases our spirits to be free from guilt, worry, fear, and enslaving habits. It releases us to the freedom of joy, peace, and a clear conscience."